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In-sight Love
At some point, you have felt the depth of loneliness when seated in the abys of disappointment about life, specifically about how your life is or has turned out to be. It is not as you had envisioned it years back, only months ago, or even days and hours ago. But here you are, things […]
Mind Matters
"Our minds need more than the puzzles about life we feed it.” This thought inspired me to notice how I was truly feeling and experiencing what I was feeling: bliss, internal peace, and joy during my morning walk. Walking under Grandma Willow, as I like to call her, my sibling-friend tree, my hands brushed through her long […]
Welcome to the New Year!
As I was looking around the kitchen occupied by food embraced dishes and counter tops, it dawned on me. It is a brand-new year. A new opportunity to start over. A do-over. Or I might say, a do better and more. I don’t think I am alone in thinking this way. Each start of a […]

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